The Lesser-Known Dumptys
The Lesser-Known Dumptys
Humpty Dumpty's lesser known relatives.
While their cousin Humpty Dumpty was famous, these lesser known Dumptys achieved more by simply not falling apart; although some of them were clearly cracked in their pursuit of heights and widths. 

All 8"x10" illustrations are in archival pen and ink on 11"x14" Bristol Board. 

First, This is Humpty Dumpty Himself, Unknowingly Playing His Farewell Sonata One Hour Prior To Sitting On The Wall. 8"x10" archival ink on 11"x14" Bristol board
Humptoro D2
Dainty Dumpty

Uppity Dumpty
Thinky Dumpty
Tatty Dumpty
Jumpy Dumpty
Bumpy Dumpty Who Successfuly Played Hide and Seek One Hundred Years Ago
Amy Egghouse
Dr. Trimegistas Toyt Eggotistus, The Egocentric Barber Turned Toy Maker Who Loves To Volunteer And Tell Everyone About Her Good Deeds.

Yum Nam Tad Poole
The Despicable, Demented, Dysfunctional, Degenerate Queen of Everything, The Empress Diapsida Squamata Eating Her Young While The Slimy Salmonella-ridden Dopehead and Pothead Actually Attempt To Discuss The Function Of The Integral Kernel Or Kernel Function Which In This Formula Is Illustrated By K And To Tell You Quite Frankly Only The Likes Of My Brother And My Sister, The Mathematicians, Will Comprehend.

A Surprise Lobotomy For Breakfast!