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    Colorful world for Photon Robot control-app. Mobile game -based UI makes programming very easy for children. http://meetphoton.com/
World of Color
Photon is the first robot that develops together with your child. It makes a child's first steps into the world of technology!
While this project gets very popular on the KICKSTARTER, IndyGo! media was asked to create visuals for additional features. An intuitive child-friendly application with mobile game UI helps kids interact with their robot and create their own programs.
Photon’s story encourages kids to take action and gain knowledge while having fun. When the robot was traveling to Earth, he had an accident and collided with an asteroid. His spacecraft broke into pieces that scattered all over the world. Now Photon wants to find these pieces, but he needs help from children!
There are six different worlds with bosses at the end. This one is themed "World of Color", and is guarded by Happy Star boss.
Paper ship on the Paint Lake
Colors. Colors everywhere.
Someone have kidnapped little penguins!
Is this world made out of this plasticine?
Preview on mobile device.
Timelapse of whole painting process.
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Total painting time: 
approx. 8 hours

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