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    Opolab brand system
Brand system
I didn't really knew where to begin. Just had one thing in mind: "it has to be really strong". That's when I decided to draw letters. They came one after another, popping really easily. This is the result: a set of monospaced characters. This way I don't need to present the logo massively. These letters are exclusive enough to be a permanent identity in posters, websites, book covers, etc. Enjoy!
Brand values
— urban tag
— exclusiveness
— contrast
— slab
Full version of the logo
Stationery overview
Opolab is also a creativity cluster where a numerous group of departments operate:
opo-lab, fab-lab, edu-lab, id-lab, events, studio and still growing. This was another challenge as I didn't wanna end up designing a never ending story of little brands.
Each logo can be set with various configurations: single lined or broken blocks with hyphens. It really doesn't matter. Just as long as this type is used we strongly believe that it's enough to keep Opolab's identity working with effectiveness.
Type in use / Detailed stationery images
Now, let's play with
Opolab's typeface:
The character set is not yet complete: numbers and glyphs are being developed. We just couldn't wait any longer to see this working!
Poster for Get Set Festival / An Opolab event using corporate type
Applications / Merchandising
You can see more stuff at