Castle 3D, is a j2me first person shooter game (2008)
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Castle 3D
first person shooter for mobile phones...
February 1945, suburbs of Berlin.

Having broken forth from chaos of the Bunker and gone through hell of the Laboratory you will bring down incinerating enemy's force in the ominous Castle. When capturing X-files of the III Reich, you have become number 1 enemy for whole Germany. That's why Hitler sent only the most experienced and pitiless soldiers of the best SS units. But your enormous arsenal is going to spill thick leaden shower on your enemies.

You will be armed with the most mortal weapon that will make your enemies retreat step by step. Anger vs wish to win... tyranny vs courage... At the end you will have a final fight against genetic creature of fascist scientists (superhuman and supersoldier).

The destiny of humanity is in your hands!!!