Have you ever been pitch-slapped by 1st for Women?

It's brutal.

Just 3 weeks into decorating the walls of our brainstorm room with 'men-are-stupid-and-they-smell-funny' jokes, we realised we were moving in the completely wrong direction.

The 'Battle of the Sexes’ stance was over. 

We needed to reposition this brand with a campaign inspired by the very people they insure. We needed to start celebrating women - their strength, their selflessness and the qualities that we believe make them perfect exactly as they are.

A very real and honest insight won us the 1st for Women business.

Here's the TVC that brought it to life:

2-Minute Brand TVC _ Social Experiment
The social experiment above was completely unscripted, and included interviews with 4 street-cast women and their beautiful, successful daughters.

Below is a sneaky behind-the-scenes peek at how it all came together:
Behind The Scenes_ Social Experiment
This social experiment formed the basis of why we believe women seldom put themselves first, and gave us the perfect platform to entrench – on an emotional level – that we do with the 1st for Women insurance products they deserve to help them do what they do best for those they love. Because, while others rely on them; they can rely on us.

Feast a teary eyeball upon the rest of the Put You First Campaign:
360 Campaign_Case Study

1ST FOR WOMEN We Put You First