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    A grocery store that may only exist in your dreams.
My senior thesis project at the University of Iowa was quite an undertaking! I designed, branded, and built an absurd, dream-like grocery store in the Porch Gallery of Studio Arts. There were 5 brands, each with a "personality" and a variety of products, both bizarre and believable. In total, there were 85 products designed, printed and assembled. Additionally, I created signage, advertisements, and shelf tags. 
BLUM'S Meat and More Superstore became more than a graphic design project, it expanded into a designed experience. Viewers were immersed into a world where ___. Other facets of the project included video, radio, and performance. The BLUM'S universe developed a narrative and is populated by 4 of my alter egos: The Gunderson family and Stin, The Janitor.
Fairvalue Foodstuffs: The generic brand of foodstuffs that is technically edible.
BLUM'S: The store brand offering alternatives to your favorite brand name products.
McGurk: The brand name that has stuck to their mission of offering quality products at an affordable price.
Dinko Foods: The brand name offering the best (and best looking) food products available at your local grocers. 
Appleton Farms: The organic brand name determined to offer its customers the healthiest processed food at the grocery store.