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Bunker 3D
is the first person shooter game, the first part of trilogy...
Fundamentally new and the most realistic first person war, where gamer genuinely feels as a participator of the battles, thanks to the enthralling and well considered subject, the fiercest fights against fascists, qualitative 3D-graphic and dynamic soundtrack.

1945, Germany, Berlin. You are a Russian officer who has secretly penetrated into the underground Bunker – Hitler’s hidden shelter! His last hope to conquer domination over the world is the nuclear weapon, the final test of which has almost been completed. Your mission is to find and neutralize the bomb. To perform your mission you will have to wage bloody war in the blocks of Bunker having two pistols TT-33, armour-piercing “Shmicer” and destructive sextuple cannon MG-69 in your arsenal.

Go ahead! The victory is close!