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    2007 was the start of WE POWER at the MN State Fair WCCO television booth. I have designed and created all of the graphics for the event every ye… Read More
    2007 was the start of WE POWER at the MN State Fair WCCO television booth. I have designed and created all of the graphics for the event every year. It's been a truly unique and wonderful project! Read Less

WE POWER!  2007-Present

"We Power" is simple - you make power by riding the bikes - you get a prize if you make enough - we use that power to power several television broadcasts out at the state fair - using only human generated power...

We had about three months to create the first We Power event at the state fair. I had never been out to the WCCO booth which I was told was lovingly referred to as the "fish bowl" by employees. It was small, uneven and home to a squirrel or two when I started design and prep work for the space in 2007. The engineers and I worked very closely to create the plasma graphics(that indicate how much power you were putting out and storing) andwith the sales department determining partners, sponsorship and the give away prizes used as anincentive for people riding the bikes. I cant possibly show you all of the design work that was done for the event (I still have some to document from this past year). I will say that that first year was a technological and design FEAT to get it all done on time. But we did it and both myself, the station and our engineering department won an Emmy award for the project that year. I have also since won a 2nd Emmy award for my graphics reel that included updates for the 2008 WE POWER event. The even has also increased in sponsorship revenue from 40 thousand the first year to 150 thousand this past year 2009 (much of that has been attributed to the design, prizes and excitement surrounding the event)

WE POWER continues to be a destination event with fair-goers coming back again and again each year to get the next T-Shirt for their collection, and this year we completely ran out of every single giveaway before the last 3 days of the fair.

Before shot's of our building on the Minnesota State Fair Grounds - 2006
Early time line, planning and scope - this is how much time we had to create everything - 2007
None of the walls or windows were the same size exactly - all had tomeasured and mapped out so that graphics would match the size of thestrange little WCCO building - 2007
One page of a planning and design presentation I created for a quote on graphics and an update for the sales and engineering team - 2007
Bag giveaway booth and exterior window vinyl - 2007
Banner West side - 2008
Power Core - 2007
Sandwich board on sidewalk - 2008
New for 2008 - WE POWER portable power pods - Used in newscasts for powering things around the state fair with "Human Power" - 2008
Outside banners - 2008
Closeup of new side panels - 2008
East facing illustrated panels - 2008
Front of building with signage - 2008
Prizes - 2008
More prizes - 2008
Plasma design - 2008
Bag (front) giveaway - 2007
Bag (back) giveaway - 2007
T-Shirt giveaway - 2007
T-Shirt giveaway - 2007
Poster - 2007
Photo-op background design - 2009
T's - 2008
Bandana - giveaway - 2009
Bag giveaway - 2009 (front and back)
Temporary tattoos - 2009
Downtown advertising on building window on Nicollet Mall - 2008 & 2009
T- shirts - 2009