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    These posters have been selected by Marina Bay corporation in 2012. All rights reserved.
Marina By Sands is a district in Singapore that is well-known for its strategically efficient activities.
The main motto of the place are: Explore; for providing an area large enough for people to travel around to enjoy the view, Exchange; for the business activities that are centralised there, and Entertainment; for providing fun events and performances almost everyday.

The inspiration came from thinking that this is a place that never seems to fail in attracting people. A lot of things could be done there, causing one place to seem very different from each angles.

This was the main reason why I decided to take the pictures from unusual angles then create distortion effects that made the original angle seems like something new and different.

Here are several pictures that I took:
After some consideration, we decided to pick only three images to be used as posters. These are the finalised poster outcomes that was officially selected by Marina Bay Sands.

Credits to my group members that settled the layout and make this happened!