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_Trophée Roses des Sables/

_Trophée des Roses des Sables
    Équipages 148/
Account of race as a Road book of the crew number 148.
This is the story of two women, best friends in life and dynamic,
who took the bet to challenge the dunes..
I wanted to recreate the emotions of the various meetings throughout the race.
175 x 240 mm closed.

The Roses des Sables Trophy is a competition exclusively for women. It comes fromthe tradition of African rally raids. On board a 4X4, a buggy, quad or motorcycle, the goal is to win today's stage with a road book, map and a compass, while the variouscontrol point (CP).The notion of speed is not retained. The ranking is based on two main criteria: the orientation in the desert and the dunes.The Trophy has several tests of orientation, crossing dunes, without forgetting the traditional marathon stage (two days in total autonomy).

Supervision is provided by a team of professionals with a mobile PC organisaton and means of action that are the support vehicles and the helicopter response thatprovides logistics and security.

The steps to conclude the evening by a camp organized an overnight stay or at departure and arrival.

To participate in this competition, simply create a 4 × 4 crew or buggy with a driver anda co-pilot, at least 18 years old and possess a driving license or a form of motorcycle or ATV crew (pilot only). The neophytes and confirmed pilot can embark on thisadventure race that constitutes the Roses des Sables Trophy.

Trophy is the philosophy, through a realistic funding, to enable each woman to reachan international competition with a strong human dimension, while participating in amutual aid between people by channeling donations aimed at disadvantaged children.

_Trophée Roses des Sables/

_Trophée Roses des Sables/

account of race as a road book