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    Redesigning of the oldest Serbian newspaper
Redesign of Daily Newspaper
The redesign of the oldest Serbian newspaper Politika started in September 2006, and ended in January 2007, on its 103rd birthday. The new look was lighter and cleaner, which increased the visibility and the readability of the newspaper. More visuality was added in the form of infographics, photos, and illustrations. The newspaper finally got a typeface exclusively made for Politika. Thanks to this new design, the newspaper acquired full functionality.
Members of the team who worked on redesign were Borut Vild, VedranErakovic and Olivera Batajic, with Mirko Ilic as an external consultant. The typeface was designed by Jovica Veljovic.

Year: 2007  Client: Politika Newspaper and Magazines
The first redesigned issue of Politika newspaper
Special edition made for the first redesigned issue of the newspaper.
Vedran and I wrote anoverview of graphic changes in Politika since its beginning.
Front cover the day after the first redesigned issue was published.
We were happy, but Borut is missing in the photo.
Example of spread pages. Culture section.
Another example of inside pages.