K O B E ' S . R U L E ' S . B O O K
To honour the man who didn’t play by the book, 
we turned NBA’s Rules Book into Kobe’s Rules Book.

After 20 years in NBA, Kobe Bryant retired.
To celebrate his legacy, ESPN made a unique gift.
NBA’s Rules Book was completely transformed by painting, illustration, stencil and needlework.
Each page represents an important moment of Kobe’s career, such as his 81-point game and his 5 championship rings.
We created 24 books. 23 to NBA lovers. 1 to Kobe.
Client: ESPN
Creative Directors:
Matias Menendez, Nicolas Ferrario, Sergio Gordilho
Nicolas Ferrario, Mateus Coelho, Lucas Ribeiro
Art Director:
Matias Menendez, Alexandre Kazuo, Pedro Gabbay
Alexandre Kazuo, Pedro Gabbay, Rafaela Teixeira, Edson Rosa, Theo Cardinali, Rodrigo Molina, Pedro Visnievski, Raphael Santos, Fernanda Valéria, Bruno Menon  
A W A R D S:
Cannes Lions 2016
Bronze in Design Typography for print & editorial
Bronze in promotional item design
K O B E ' S . R U L E ' S . B O O K