Ian Anderson Workshop

This workshop was about the importance of story telling because effectively that is what we are doing as designers, telling a story, a story that helps a potential consumer to buy in to it. When we create a piece of design by default we are inadvertently setting up a little story, theres a narrative in every piece of work we do.
we were tasked with creating a relationship between the two words ‘me’ and ‘you’ and communicate that narrative. We were restricted to using Helvetica and it had to be black and white. I explored the relationship between you and me:

“This is me,
Me knows that it’s me,
Me likes being me,
and this is You,
You is always trying to be me,
but You will never be Me”
The second part of the task was to do the exact same thing but instead of using the words ‘you’ and ‘me’ we had to communicate the same narrative using only a circle a square and a triangle.

The idea was that You (blue) represented a different shape to Me (red) and no matter how hard You tried,
 You would never fit in with Me.