Polaroid Art
To create his Polaroid Art, Gemignani uses a Polaroid SX-70 camera, and then pushes wooden sticks and other sharp tools in brush strokes across the soft emulsion of the freshly ejected Time Zero film. The technique creates photography with a painterly feel and captures the essence and beauty of both urban and tropical environments in a way that could not be achieved with a regular photograph or painting.

Much of Gemignani’ s Polaroid and fine art photography captures both the physical and ethereal beauty of tropical environments with images celebrating the South Florida and Caribbean lifestyle and architecture. For this reason, a series of Gemignani’ s photographs have been selected for permanent display at the Miami Beach landmark Fontainebleau II and commissioned for the Loews Hotel spa located within the restored St. Moritz on South Beach as well as many other places across the country.
                                                                      Chairs on Golden Beach
                                                                       Bike on Hollywood Beach
                                                                  Lifeguard Stand with Green Flag
                                                                                 Just Umbrellas
                                                                 Hollywood Lifeguard Stand in Shadow
                                                                                      My Front Yard
                                                                             Miami Lifeguard Stand #11
                                                                                      Sand Castle
 Beach Umbrellas
                                                                                       Sailfish Boat Jamaica
                                                                       Hollywood Beach Path
 Nude on Jamaican Beach