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    Yummy Campaign for MTV & Coke! -- More at www.hippiehouse.tv

We have the privilege of being part of MTV Latam’s studio selection for developing a short spot for Coke’s 125th Anniversary Global Campaign. The '30 reasons for believing in a better world' were scripted by the guys at MTV and we developed one of them.
Thanks to all the e-mails we send everyday we can save tons of paper every year preserving our most important friends: the trees! We built this futuristic ‘toyish’ yummy city where people live in harmony and respect the living nature.


Produced for Mtv Latam. / Client: Mtv Latam. + Coca Cola
Original idea & Concept: Mtv Latam.

Art & Creative direction: HippieHouse + Mtv Latam.
3d artists: Ignacio Sandoval, Arturo Echeverria
Characters & Vehicles (modeling, texturing, rigging, animation): Arturo Echeverria
City & Environments (design, modeling, texturing, composition): Ignacio Sandoval
3d Lighting, 3d Compositor, Cameras & Rendering: Ignacio Sandoval
Storyboards: Chris O’Farrell, Ignacio Sandoval
Character Design: Marcos Piaggio
2d Design, 2d Compositor & Animator: Chris O’Farrell
Post, Lights & Effects: Chris O’Farrell

At Mtv Latam
Creative VP: Sean Saylor
Creative Director: Hernán Damilano
Art Director: Maria Luisa Collazo
Concept: Maria Luisa Collazo, Ezequiel Saul
Writer: Ezequiel Saul
Producer, Co-director: Maria Luisa Collazo, Ezequiel Saul
Music Producer, Original Music: Marco Camacho – Two Chick!
Music Co-producer: Cristian Moraga


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