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    Design Solutions for Virtua Memorial's Emergency Department
Design Solutions for Virtua Memorial's Emergency Department
It became very apparent that the hospital was in need of a system to make the distribution of information clearer.  Administration has very good intentions in trying to education patients: increasing their overall patient satisfaction scores vis a vi a better understanding of process. 
In this case, we are tasked with educating patients and visitors about the physiological processes that brought them to the ER and the hospital patient flow processes that keep them waiting. 
Personal observations in the ER revealed unrealistic expectations on behalf of some patients and the resulting in frustration and compassion fatigue amongst staff.
I wanted to educate patients and stress autonomy and personal responsibility. Research has proven that environment has a huge affect on mood and attitude. 
The sentiment I wanted to express with my signage is one that promoted patient well being and made them feel cared about—an idea that can be expressed by maintaining a clean and clear physical environment.
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