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My Kind of Town - Photo Coverage of Chicago during G8.
My Kind of Town
An inside look at what life in Chicago became during the NATO G8 Summit.
Told through photos taken May 17-21, 2012.
Anti-scaling security fences are put up starting at Roosevelt and Michigan, all the way east to the edge of Lake Michigan.
This sign is put in place just in case the miles of 12 foot fences were too subtle.
Extra tall fences extends across the city, in case the Chicago Bulls protest losing in the first round of the playoffs after being the #1 team the entire damn year.
A lockable door guards the Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum from children who may protest too much homework on the weekends.
An elderly man wonders if he still has anything left in the tank from the competitive fence-scaling days of his youth.
Lakeshore Drive, one of the busiest streets in Chicago, is closed for the weekend just so I can stand in the middle of it and get this wide-angle photo.
A local board-up company protests the hypocrisy of their board-up government superiors by boarding up every part of this building EXCEPT the front door.
My building goes slightly overboard and prepares for a war zone, which I don't mind, because it makes getting "Chicago Prepares" photos very accessible to my location.
The City of Chicago decides to put this slogan on the screens of all buses tasked with delivering police officers into potential riot areas.

Local photographers are ecstatic at the possible irony in their compositions.
A headstrong Streets & Sanitation vehicle leads a protest into Lake Michigan to see if the city will finally appreciate them when they're gone.
A line of Homeland Security vehicles protest Chicago's street parking laws.
Protestors protest the cross walk signals and cross anyway. That same loud crossing guard that is always screaming at everyone has a heart attack.
A group of protesters take a breather from protesting to pose for pictures at Buckingham Fountain, one of Chicago's many fine tourist attractions.
How do you protest the government? CAPITALISM.
A man protests the country's policies on international war by flying his kite well above the legally permitted kite-flying regulations. 
A young protestor shows off his brand loyalty.
An Occupy protestor doesn't realize his face is on wrong. Neither does his friend who feels like sometimes he just doesn't listen to what he's actually saying.
A young protestor sends a very important protest text message.
The guy with the neon sign always gets all the attention. The other man secretly hates him for it.
Always watching.
A police officer finally earns top rank in his squad's Words-With-Friends leaderboard.
"I'm totally gonna get Cop-Of-The-Year for this, I already know it."
"It looks like something serious is going on over there, but I did already just put my knee up here, so, best to just wait it out from over here."
"People just wasting their entire day sitting in the middle of the street to try to make a point!? NOT ON MY WATCH."
Countless police officers line up for a group shot, not realizing I'm actually behind them.
Two police officers try to get something interesting to line up in the middle of this composition for me, but this was the best they could come up with. Jerks...
Time hasn't treated Agent Smith well, but he can still hold his own.
Yeah, that guy in the green shirt really has a chance at getting through. Really.
He totally knows the guy with the sign is right behind him, he just doesn't want to deal with this bullshit anymore.
A line of Chicago Police in riot gear protest their requested station and instead form a human wall to block tourists from shopping at the Baby Gap on Michigan Ave.
A protest breaks out at Wabash & Balbo when everyone realizes Buddy Guy isn't even playing most nights.
An onlooker / my fiancé wonders what the hell happened to our neighborhood.
A police officer protests the need to take action when you can look this smooth just leaning against a wall.
 "Oh shit. I think we might have overdone it, guys."
My Kind of Town - Photo Coverage of Chicago during G8.

My Kind of Town - Photo Coverage of Chicago during G8.

Life around Chicago before, during, and at the close of the increased police presence and protests that surrounded the NATO G8 Summit. Told throu Read More

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