Industrial Design Sample Work
A small sampling of the work I have completed in my career. 
My design work is grounded on the ideals of solving and simplifying the problems users face in their everyday lives. By focusing on the scenario in which the product is used, I have been able to harness the true need of the user to design meaningful and applied solutions.

(Contact me if you are interested in seeing more work)
An awesome project conceptualizing a modern hotrod instrument design. In true automotive fashion, without seeing the car concept, we worked with the customer to create a truly unique and inspiring piece to meet the one of a kind nature of the ride (2008 SEMA Show).
Wakeboard Boat dash concept which evolved to the final design.
A aftermarket radio replacement for Harley Davidson bagger bikes. Product design and interface design.
A near future look, created back in 2005, at what could become of an RV instrumentation panel using currently available electronics and processes. The industry isn't quite there yet, but are rapidly closing.
A project inspired by injured athletes.