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    New Year souvenir products for the logistic company.
Argument 2012
Task: concept and design development for a set of 2012 new year souvenirs. The new concept was to improve on the last year’s concept “Everyday argument”.

The client suggested developing a new concept based on the last years’ idea “Everyday argument”. We had to amplify and perfect the old idea. We supplemented the design with new colors and interaction of the user and the souvenir. We knew from the physics lessons of the property of the color yellow to become invisible back of the red transparent film, and we made use of this property in the design of new souvenirs. As a result, every New Year greeting keeps back the day-to-day routine that goes before the New Year and awaits right after the holidays.
One can mark right day in the calendar with stickers.
On a usual day it is a simple light bulb.
On the New Year day it is a festive Christmas-tree decoration.
And many other important every day arguments:

A comprehensive argument
A strategical argument
A compelling argument
Other souvenirs also contain hidden messages.