• Normal Chair
  • Double Bench
  • Beach Chair
  • Rocking Chair
    Simulation of the four modes

  • As part of industrial design studies at "Hadassah Collage" in Israel,
    I designed a chair with a four seating modes which are selectable by the user.
    every time that the user wants to change the seating modes, all that he need to do is to turns the chair.

    The options are:
    1. Rocking chair
    2. Beach chair
    3. Double bench
    4. Regular chair

    The chair is made of wood and manufactured by CNC technology.
  • The Product was presented at Furniture Exhibition - "ROOM AND STYLE 2013" - in Dresden, Germany.
    The Chair was chosen by the main germany newspaper - "BILD" to 1 of the 5 exciting designs.
  • From the "BILD" newspaper