• 3xWarped
    A Collaborative Work

    This experiment takes the viewer on anexploration in time, space and energy. Light becomes matter, it forms a partand extends the space, it can also be manipulated. When looking inside thespace it becomes a mind dump for the participant performing there. Thoughtsbecomes visible and embedded in this defined realm. The existence within thespace is transient, so is the performance. The thoughts however, persist thechain of events, in form of light.

    3xWarped is a collaborative project between video artist, interactive artist and animation artist at Lasalle, College of the Arts in Singapore.
  • Format: Single channel video, Stereo sound 03′17min, SD, Color
  • Stills
  • Credits

    Michael Larsson (video artist) http://be.net/ohsoweird
    Paviter Singh (interactive artist) http://be.net/p2man
    Dhruv Vyas (animation artist)