3M Scotch Brite Windows cleaner

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  • 3M Scotch-Brite Windows cleaner
    China / Apac
    Shanghai: is the largest city by population of China ,( 23 million), and the city with the highest number of skyscrapers in the world, consequently, the city with the highest number of “windows” in the world…
    These factors lead to one common problem:
    How to clean the windows.
    Additionally, pollution and the high frequency of rain increase the need to clean the windows especially on the outside.
    Where common products and solutions on the markets usually failed in performance and results…
    Consumer test show that people are not able to apply any cleaning detergent on the farthest part of the
    windows and have a lot of difficulty in cleaning it.

    The new Scotch Brite Windows Cleaner has been designed to fully fulfill consumer’s needs.
    The introduction of a chemical solution combined with an application and cleaning tool creates a unique and completely new windows cleaning experience.
     With its double flexible arms connected to the head the strength is homogeneously distributed on the entire head providing better
    stability control and reducing the effort required to clean the windows.
    The product, designed to provide great flexibility in the cleaning process, is perfect to clean and
    reach the farthest part and the outside face of the windows (main complaint from consumers).