• The Scotch Brite Dynamic Mop completely changes the way people perceive a flat mop.
    Common flat mops in the market, during the cleaning process, collect the dust in the front lip and after use, the consumer has to bend over and collect the “line” of dust accumulated.
    The New Dynamic Mop has an internal structure that lifts the front part of the mop when pushed on; this will ‘eat’ the dust and collect it in the bottom portion of the Microfiber.
    Once the mopping process is finished, the microfiber with the dust attached can be easily cleaned and re-used.
    The new Dynamic mop improves the cleaning performance without changing people’s cleaaning behaviours.
    We studied people’s problems while cleaning, analyzed what could be done to help them, and then we solved the problem by creating a simple, unique and well performing product that can make people’s life easier and make the cleaning process more efficient day to day.