3D model of Kumite - Sketch-Up

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  • Making of the Kumite 
    A 3D Model of Bloodsport's Kumite, using Google Sketch-Up

    For my first introduction to Google Sketch-up, I decided to build the Kumite. I filmed the process using quicktime and then finally mashed it with some personal footage to develop the story further. 

    From never touching the Google Sketch-up to building the Kumite took about 6-8 hours. I was amazed at how intuitive it was. 

    SEE MORE: www.bentonrochester.com/kumite

  • Problems:

    FInding Content

    The movie lacked coverage of inside of the Kumite, so I had to make a lot of the structure up and when I could, I would photoshop out images and post them up in the 3d model.

    Finding People
    Sketch-up has a relatively small library of 3d objects and trying to find hundreds of angry characters from all over the world was impossible. I decided to use  silhouettes of people instead to offer more focus on individuals in the fight.

    Processing Power
    By the time I was adding the people and roof while doing a screen recording, my old mac sounded like a jet engine and was as hot as one too. Sketch-up could barely run once it reached a certain size, so I had to keep the file short and sweet.