3D - map of Storjord

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  • 3D-map of Storjord
    3D-map of paths in Storjord
  • An comission I got through Løwehjerte Design this year. The task was to  make a map to show all the paths located in Storjord, Norway. The map were going to be on a size 1.50 m x 2 m big board, so I had to be sure to make it detailed enough.
  • My first sketches.
  • From an aerial view, in real life, you won't be able to see all the buildings, rivers, roads and path and at the same time get a good feel of the hight of the mountains. So I had to cheat a little, and put together two pictures. One from almost straight above, and one looking straight ahead to the mountains.
  • The sketch I went on with.
  • The result
  • Details
  • Closeup on the hotel among other buildings
  • Little cottage in the forest. Storjordfjellkoia
  • The map
  • The map in use on a board