3D Printed Desktop Speaker
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An exploration into 3d printing and how this can be applied to a desktop driver.
New Zealander designer Simon Ellison has utilized multi material 3D printing methods to bring forth the idea of a new manufacturing technique into the realm of speaker drivers. With this, the additive combination-material print process results as a solid construction, allowing for complex and structurally intricate details. Working together with an audio engineer, the speaker is conceived to push the boundaries of traditional hi-fi sound design, exploring the ratios of digital material production.
Taking just over nine hours to print and three hours to clean, the driver assembly was put together with the coil and magnet of a traditional driver, and wired to allow capabilities for a mono speaker. The complete component construction fits within a glass housing, fully equipped with an RCA terminal.
Right side Elevation
Speaker situated in the cleaned support material. 
Bedside table context shot.
The speaker cone seamlesly switches between materials.
Speaker Paired with a Amplifier.