3D Infographic Calendar 2013

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  • 3d infographic calendar as name tells what it is, ya its 3dpaper crafted Infographic 2013 Calendar. This is first time in world its uniquepiece of art which is for  sale (prices are on mail). This is made with 39 pagesof A4 size. This can be customized according to your need if you want as we caninclude dates of festival, special dates, your company logo or identity. Evenyou can customize color. (Check sample as last image of this project). This calendaris made for first 50 people or companies. You can buy this in two ways. First asoriginal or customized and second you can buy just its template online and makeyourself and have fun making it.

    These images are taken using mobile camera so images qualityis not good apologize for it however in few days I will be uploading goodquality picture or if you are photographer and can help me shooting this, I canprovide one for you free. I am from Delhi, India

    Mail me at mohit_freelance@rediffmail.com 
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