3D Digital Mock-Up of UMN

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    This Final Project is represent as UMN Building Mock-up in the form of Digital Three-Dimensional (3D). 3D Digital Mock-Ups can be used as a medium to find information about UMN Building without the needs to physically go to the building site. Basically, this project is the application of an interactive 3D Virtual Model. The Users are given the freedom to explore UMN Site on its Mock-ups Replica in First-Person View. Please note that UMN are currently has three buildings, namely Multimedia Building, Rectorate Building, and New Media Tower Building. The Objective of this Final Project is to only cover the Multimedia Building.
    This application was firstly allocated for official website of UMN, but then this project is not enough for audience information because of the objective of this project is just covering the Multimedia Building, not the rest of UMN'S Building.
    So this is some captures of the mock-up. To get the application, click here.
  • Concept of layout design for Start
  • Concept of layout design when the users walkingthrough around the Floor.
  • Concept of layout design for Lift