• This project was done in Aizu-Wakamatsu University in Japan. 
    During my visit there i was invited by Professor Yoshioka to visit the 3D printer laboratory. 
    I ask about the reason of such laboratory in an IT university. 
    The main purpose is to help artist who are not into the 3D world Modeling, it makes easy for them to use such software and tools cause its not complex like 3d max or C4D, and the interface is so frendly, and you can use the real modeler tools. 
    It was such an amazing experience, cause in my country we don´t have such technology or resources, I´m thankful to be allowed to use it.
    So I took the challenge to use such tool, but because of time, I could not spend too much time into the machine, so I created a 3D model in C4D and i was surprised that it works. 
    My role was the 3D model. and the final Painting.
    Hirotsugu sekine was the one who print the model, he is an amazing 3D artist.
  • 3D wireframe view
  • Render View
  • Painting Process
  • Final View