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a collection of sculpture works I've made from 2012-2013
I made this project for my 3D Studio class. The assignment was to transform an object or objects, so I made seemingly innocent Barbie dolls part of a sacrificial ritual. This was a comment about how potent and strong the image of a Barbie doll is and what it entails for our society. 
Below are antlers crafted from wires. 
This piece is about how we expect things that are beautiful on the outside to be beautiful on the inside. These objects are modeled after Japanese inros, or carrying cases. These cases were really wonderfully adorned and detailed, but were used like pockets, carrying very mundane items. In my version, tic tacs are held inside. Tic tacs are shaped like atoms, which to me symbolizes that no matter what something looks like we're all more alike than we are different. 
This is a shot of my inflatable elephant sculpture, crafted entirely from tape, sharpies, and garbage bags!

Thank you so much for looking! Hope you enjoy my work. 
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