• Apophysis7X flames
  • I’ve been making fractals with Apophysis since late 2008, deeply fascinated by the oneiric feeling so typical of fractal flames, and the intriguing patterns and geometries this software can generate.

    While I do also enjoy other fractal generating programs such as UltraFractal, Mandelbulber and Mandelbulb3D, I still prefer Apophysis for its higher expressive potential. I’ve been recently focusing on three dimensional flames, with a “photographic” approach and an evident organic and floral inspiration.

    A collection of three-dimensional fractal flames created with Apophysis 7X.
  • Eternal
    Apophysis 7X (raw flame, no postwork)

  • Queen of the Rain
    Apophysis 7x, photoshop for minor brightness adjustments.

  • Chanson d'Automne
    Apophysis 7x, minor HSB adjustments with Photoshop.

  • Life
    Apophysis 7x, a little Photoshop for brightness and contrast adjustments.

  • Lotus
    Apophysis 7x, minor curves adjustments in Photoshop.

  • Persephone
    Apophysis 7x and a little photoshop for slight hsb/contrast adjustments.

  • Spectrum Coil
    Apophysis7X (raw flame, no postwork).

  • Subtle Glory
    Apophysis7X, photoshop for mixing two renders together and little hsb adjustments.

  • Un Soffio Caldo
    Apophysis 7x, colour and brightness adjustments in Photoshop.

  • Hedonè
    Apophysis 7x, little contrast and tonality adjustments in Photoshop.