Christmas 11 & Lunar New Year 12 greeting card design
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    Christmas and Lunar New Year Card Design
Have a Sweet Christmas/ Lunar New Year
Christmas 2011 / Lunar New Year 2012 Greeting Card (Self-Promotion)

Finally i have time to post this project. For every Christmas, i will definitely design some card to my friends. If you miss my last year card design, click here and take a look.

Design Christmas card is part of my culture, even i am busy, but i will still created my very own Christmas card even it's last minute. For the 2010, i have shared "Christmas lighting" with my friends. And for year 2011, i would like to spare my sweetness for my friends.

“Have a Sweet Christmas” is the theme of my Christmas card 2011.
Nin Jiom herbal candy – What does this chinese herbal candy do with the christmas? It’s just don’t fit into this festive season!! Well, let me show you my magical trick!

I have turned the candy tin box into Christmas Bell/Ball and with candy in it. ( that is how my design theme came from)

Some of my friends asked me why i did not use the cover of the tin box as the bell/ball but the back of the candy tin box? It is because i like how the silver goes well with my design sticker (The cover of the tin box is full color printing, without silver). It bring out the real shinning bell/ball look. 

For this Christmas card, i have spent a lot time to cut, stick and sew in order to complete the task. A lot of of handworks involved. Even though its not easy, but i did enjoy the process of design and making – to create something out of the box. And i hope that those who received this will love it.

And you think this is end of the story?? No!No!No! take a look the new twist below.
Lunar New Year was just around the corner after Christmas. To those that did not received my Christmas card, i have created this Lunar New Year version for them.

 Instead of using Christmas bell/ball design, i have turned it into mandarin orange. While the snow flakes became chinese paper cut. With different approached and element, the Christmas card design now is dressed up with a Lunar New Year look.