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    A project of a prototype with recycling parts, with ecological concept for Renault.
Sand Jumper
Concept car for the future
Future Car - Sand Jumper By Luis Pedro Fonseca :The Sand Jumper vehicle generates the energy itself that it requires to run and features a sleek and attractive outlook. Recyclable and ecological materials have been used to craft the concept to make it eco-friendly, while the wheels contains individual electric engines along with heat cell absorbing system to make the vehicle powerful.

The innovative solar paint of the car features nano solar panels that generate the energy from the sunlight and the surplus energy is stored in the battery for further use. The recycled plastic bottle made interior is another unique eco-friendly feature of the vehicle that makes it lightweight. Though it takes 8 and half hour to charge the battery in full, it features a quick charging mechanism that allows the battery to be fully charged in 90 minutes only. 
Future Car -  Sand Jumper designer By Luis Pedro Fonseca