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Laputoidy – Tikající krajina / Laputoids-Ticking Landsc
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Laputoidy – Tikající krajina / Laputoids-Ticking Landscape

director, concept: Martin Búřil
design, illustration: Jan Šrámek (VJ Kolouch)
animation: Martin Búřil, Martina Chwistková
music: Michal Cáb
interior design: Matěj Al-ALI, Tomáš Moravec
photography, video: Michal Ureš

Jan Šrámek and Martin Búřil are filmmakers who have been independently oscillating between narrative and experimental animation for some time. In their joint projects, they search for the deepest connection between the two forms, whether in films, videos or gallery exhibitions. The collection for the Duchcov Chateau called Laputoidy (Laputoids) is an audio-visual response to the troubled history of the landscape and the surroundings of this north Bohemian town. Through a significant exaggeration that simulates two views of the chateau garden, they provide visitors insight into Duchcov architecture, show changes in the environment and outline alternatives of possible future transformations to Duchcov’s surroundings. Jan Šrámek’s distinctive illustrative design is first time ever fully manipulated and animated by Martin Búřil.