West Edge House
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    West Edge House in St Gilles, Reunion
  Reunion Island, Indian Ocean  
Area: 1,450sqm
Completed: early 2012
Poised on the edge of a cliff on the west coast of Reunion Island, this family home’s unique location inspired a design that sought to unite two distinct natural experiences.

On the west side the site provided a cliff edge view of the vast Indian ocean, and on the east side a more protected view from under the shade of the palm trees towards the green slope of the island's indigenous countryside. The concept aimed to naturally merge these complimentary elements : The west sea-facing side would be vast, majestic and entirely on the water, blending into the ever-changing elements with the noise of the ocean, whereas the east side would be green, calm and relaxing… almost meditational.

The west perimeter of the house is dominated by a 50m infinity pool that follows the contours of the cliff and overflows into the breathtaking 180 degree panoramic view of the ocean. Separating the west side with the lush east side is a central 40m axis with open-ended views to the north and south and from which the interior spaces of the home branch out and flow. For a house of such magnitude, the design succeeds in seamlessly linking the contrasting environments of the east and the west. The discreet inclusion of tropical textures within the modern interior maintains a warmth which coupled with ponds, gardens, green walls and the sunrise and sunset each day, brings to life an environment that is both intimate and contemporary.