Kiriko sushi, located in West L.A., delivers an authentic taste of Japan with creative flair from the modern influences of sushi restaurants in Tokyo. Chef-owner Ken Namba provides a daily tapas style menu that changes with the season and offerings of the marketplace. 
Ceviche with wild prawn from Maryland, seared tairagi scallop and pro blanco.
Smoked salmon and mango with caviar
Kiriko's Ceviche
Homemade style cold tofu from Omakase
Today's assorted Japanese vegetable plate
Halibut Sushi with white truffles
Japanese persimmon at the entrance
OKUMURA RESTAURANT, located in Encino L.A., focuses on simple sushi and roll preparations. Ryota Okumura, an owner and top chef is a graduate of Hattori Culinary Academy celebrated for its hit show “The Iron Chef”.
Okumura Restauarnt Grand Opening
Aji Sashimi
Sushi Nigiri
Crispy Rice
Dragon Roll
Grilled Vegies & Chicken
Okumura's Carpaccio
Crispy Albacore Onion
Panna Cotta
Rainbow Roll
Sashimi Salad
Green Olive specializes in hand-crafted cuisine and boast a wide array of savory selections, including our artisan pizzas made in a wood fire oven. They started out in a small, intimate eatery located in Copenhagen where they perfected our hand-crafted cuisine, and it wasn’t long before people from all over the world were flocking to their small neighborhood restaurant for a taste of perfection.
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