Sapporo Petit Doughnut
(Self-initiated rebranding project)
Sapporo Petit Doughnut is a Japanese kiosk located at Singapore Takashimaya Shopping Centre Basement 2 which sell mini 3cm size doughnut baked in Taiyaki style pan. It is a open space store that has a live demonstration on how their doughnuts being baked.
Therefore, I had an idea on "Why not transform their store into a Japanese contemporary countryside kitchen?" So, I incorporate birds, vines and flowers into my logo as these are the elements that you would see when you look out of a countryside kitchen window. 

Brand Personality - Simple, Dedicated, Quality, Appealing and Interesting
Brand color - Orange, white and light brown to give the brand a simple and airy feel. 
With self-stamping of logo on name cards and paper bag shows the staff dedication
in providing the best experience for the consumers.

Note: This is an self-initated project and the design present below has no direct relationship with the current brand.
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