Tellus XX
The Annual Literary Journal of Cuesta College, Volume 20
The twentieth anniversary of this collection of writing by the students of Cuesta College called for a look to the past and the roots of the title Tellus. Tellus, Latin for earth, is also associated with Mother Earth, and therefor nature ran as a theme for the journal.
A grassy texture was silk screened onto the covers to introduce the theme and the author of the journal's opening poem, Walt Whitman.
The four elements - water, fire, wind and earth - represent the four places awarded to the pieces of writing.
The section titles were spray painted onto part of the ground around the college campus and then photographed.
"My vision for this book was to create something that explored the realms of nature and earth. The various textures present on the cover, the imperfect yet repetitive process of screen printing, the altered landscape used in the section pages, and the symbolism found in the “place” labels are all phenomena in nature, but processed in an artistic way. I also set out to create an intimate connection between this volume of Tellus and the Cuesta landscape, using close-ups of the natural flooring around the campus."
hand foiled stickers for the front cover
“Full thirty minutes hath Phoebus’ cart gone round
Neptune’s salt wash and Tellus’ orbed ground,
And thirty dozen moons with borrow’d sheen
About the world have times twelve thirties been,
Since love our hearts, and Hymen did our hands,
Unite commutual in most sacred bands.”

–The Player King • Hamlet, III, ii. • William Shakespeare