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Action Method Products (100% Eco Sustainable)
The Action Journal is the joint effort of Behance and New Leaf Paper, designed to bring sustainability to productivity. The distinct zones on each page provide a flexible template to get the most out of meetings and everyday brainstorm sessions (see usage guidelines below), while the materials used to create each notebook are cleaned up, de-inked and bleached with hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine.

The Action Journal features a unique suede-to-the-touch hard cover, created using 100%sustainable materials. The pages are made of 60lb New Leaf paper with subtle texture (100% recycled), printed full bleed, and perforated for maximum flexibility. New Leaf Paper was founded to inspire a fundamental shift towards sustainability in the paper industry. By choosing this notebook, you are making a difference.

The Action Journal is part of Behance's Action Method product line. The Action Method was designed to help push projects forward by organizing ideas, with a focus on action steps. An accordion-style pamphlet on how to practice the Action Method accompanies every product. Your passion is your work, treat it well.
Buy the Action Journal and, save some trees!
Action Method Products (100% Eco Sustainable)
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