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    Exploring the possibilitites of white
What color is "white”? White, after all, is the combination of all colors, and yet it often stands for purity and simplicity. I decided to investigate the complexity of white, and to capture the subtly within this color on various surfaces.

What color is it then? Those images also shows the paradox of distinguishing colors. Where do you draw the line between two adjacent colors and how thin is the line? Doesn't the line itself occupy another color? The difficulties in differentiating colors points to an alterative way of seeing, that is to see the images as phenomena, not as a substance of something else. The images are the things.

Works Detail:
12 x 18 inches (unframed)
Archival Pigment Print

Limited Amount of High Resolution Prints Are Available to Purchase. 
Please Contact: Yexing.Qiao@gmail.com