Jane Austen Centre, Bath Interactive Brochure
An interactive interpretation of previously redesigned brochure using photographic elements
The previous assignment in my class was to redesign the Jane Austen Centre's brochure. Now I was to take that last step further by repurposing the content for an interactive pdf and also by adding some new photographic imagery that would be sourced by Getty Images and would have one rights managed and one royalty free image.

I very much wanted to maintain the feeling of personal correspondence, but still take it in a new direction. I decided to supplement the Getty imagery with imagery of my own. I created a 'desktop' of the time period, goose quill and all. The wax seal is even of the letter 'A.' While I wasn't able to make it interactive on this site, seeing as it is a swf, I can easily walk anyone through it. Also, the animation is just secondary to the design and the information, a little extra, if you will.
Opening shot, setting the scene of the Regency corespondent.
The letter would fly in from the upper right and land on the desk for you to turn over.
Look, it turned over at the click of a button (or a scroll of the page here).
The letter opens, and if you where watching the swf, the music from the 1995 'Pride and Prejudice' miniseries would start playing, to get you in the Regency mood.
Here is where the design switches to the more utilitarian. With a hyperlink in the lower left and a 'previous' and 'next' button in the lower right. The large section in the center is actually the Centre's welcome video, which can also be viewed on their website.
Here I have little hidden gems, when you role over Jane, she gets a speech bubble and also quotes the opening line of 'Pride and Prejudice,' while the tea cup sounds like pouring water. The photographs of Jane and Bath are from Getty Images.
Here the hidden gems are the reticule (coin purse) jingles, and the tea kettle boils (even though I know that the actual kettle is decorative). The feather also flies in from the bottom of the page. The three photographs are from Getty Images.
The hidden gem on this page is the umbrella opens and closes with the sounds of rain.
This page is my real interactive masterpiece. All the facts can be turned on and off as well as all the highways. Many an hour was spent on this page, but it turned out just as I imaged. The map is the map from the previous brochure that I illustrated in Photoshop.
My final page, which doesn't have much of anything, except and plaster casting of Jane's house in Bath.