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After the first assignment in my Integrated Design class, I was able to chose any kind of company to do as my second branding. The only catch was that it had to be 'design for good.' In other words, a not for profit organization. I decided to create an organization that would allow you to find a book club. I cannot tell you how many times I have longed to find a book club, it used to be where I would accost people on the street and ask them how they got a book club. Well, enter Literary Linkup, an organization that would help you find the right book club in the right genre you desired. (I have since found a book club and no longer accost people on the street.)

The plan for the company, which I think is viable and I might one day attempt to launch, would be to start coinciding with the Wisconsin Book Festival, with outdoor advertising and a very heavy web presence. Following which, you could sign up for a book club in one of twenty different genres (a sample of which is below), that would be led by Literary Linkup's volunteer moderators. The companies overhead would be taken care of through donations and sales of items from bookmarks to e-reader covers to t-shirts and book bags.

The feel is that of the 'Literary Linkup Lady' an intelligent, slightly snarky, librarian type. With the style being a sleek retro look for the logo, which is a readers constant companion, glasses, to a stylized wallpaper made up of glasses and books. The genres are color coded, as are the bookmarks to match the genres. The genre posters would be on display at different meet-up locations, so that not only is it easy to locate for members, but so that non-members could read a little bit about what's going on and might come and join in. As a completely unnecessary but totally fun piece of collateral, I made a music video.
Final Logo.
A typical genre poster in situ.
A typical genre poster, with related bookmark.
Standard bookmark without any genre affiliation.
For the website, which I created, you can access the blog, where reviews can be posted by members, as well as the Literary Linkup Lady's tweets, and of course facebook, because she is everywhere. And finally an Amazon Storefront, to keep the company running.
The book bag tote, with the e-reader cover (actually produced through M-Edge for a 2nd generation Kindle) as well as a name tag that would be available for all members of the book club and would be on a tacky reading glasses chain.
The design for the e-reader cover.
My frivolous and fun music video, which I think I would need to beg for the rights for the music. The video was all shot by me as stop motion animation with one frame at a time. Also yes, these are all my books, and a very very small portion of them.