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Lonely Wolf.
A lone wolf, howl to attract the attention, howl because is marking its territory. Even the most authoritarian wolf needs to be in groups to get the prey they want.

Never underestimate the help of others, without them, you will never are going to grow.

Take that wolf personality, even when you think that you got all the power, there will always be another wolf who will come to help you. Just Keep it in mind.

I decide to make another personal project; Everyday I learn something, I always try to put it in practice so, this is the result of some 3D techniques and experiences that I have learned recently.

Wanted to make something simple but always trying to make it look good and always as I do with a meaning, because a design without a meaning would not worth nothing, just nothing....

I hope you like it and enjoyed it...

3D Workflow, Cinema 4D.