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    Commissioned by Abec11 and Sk8Trip Distribution.
This is a story about when OG skater Jonny Miller invited a bunch of us skate rats up to his world famous "Toyland." This video documents what happens when NorCal and SoCal skaters meet in the middle. Nestled on his property in San Luis Obispo, California, Toyland is Jonny Miller's very own homegrown backyard skatepark and fun-zone. It's been the Woodstock of skateboarding for decades now and if you ever get a chance to make it there ... DO IT!
Jonny Miller (Above) working the cones. At 50 years old he hasn't slowed down much and continues to give the groms a run for their money.
A "little" fire that Jonny put together for us. Food, drinks, live music, and good company is the norm for Toyland.
Owner of Abec11, Chris Chaput (Right), hanging out and watching his team do work.
Awesome trip and a great experience. Next stop...Canada!

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