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    Music Poster for Jan Britten Owen inspired by the Russian Constructivist Style of October Revolution.
I was asked by one of my friend Wendy to design a poster for her husband Jan Britten Owen, he is very talented musician, songwriter and performer with big admiration for the Beatles! He will be performing in St. Petersburg in Russia in a few weeks at famous Liverpool Bar and Experimental Sound Gallery-21. 
St. Petersburg has a lot of history. When i grew up in Ukraine, during CCCP era, the city was called Leningrad. It was named after Vladimir Lenin, who in 1917 infamously took over the Winter Palace and out-ruled the imperial Russia killing Romanov's family and aristocrats. Thankfully today it's no longer called Leningrad, St. Petersburg was very prosperous modern city, when Peter the Great ( Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov) ruled the Russian Empire in 17th century. He would bring the best french and european architects to construct palaces, churches and villas for the city. 

Anyway, the poster is actually designed in Russian Constructivist style, I used strong russian-looking typeface, called Red October. On the bottom there is a shape of Avrora ship, the war ship that gave signal for the Revolution of 1917.