Final Fantasy: Boss Battle

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    Boss Battle

    Amongst the things that both my girlfriend and I enjoy, the Final Fantasy series and table-top games rank amongst the top few. With her birthday coming up, I came up with the idea of creating a set of Final Fantasy themed cards that would not only be visually stunning, but could actually function as a proper card game.
    In every Final Fantasy game, there's always a protagonist who finishes their journey by destroying the "boss" of the game. Upon doing so, they (usually) save the world, cinematics are shown and the credits roll; everyone lives happily ever after. But things are slightly different in Final Fantasy Boss Battle - There are now multiple protagonists instead of the usual one, each represented by a player. And while there are many heroes, there is only one boss, and only one player may trigger the end of their own paths by landing the killing strike...

    The finished product boasts a total of 300 playing cards, 83 unique designs, a game manual and a custom-made box.