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McDonald's - Welcome to Your Night

McDonald's Hong Kong offer a late night menu after 10pm - It's pretty much the regular menu on 'roids. Double portions, free upsizing, share packs; bigger stuff for hungry people out on a night on the town.

The problem was, the average night out for youth in Hong Kong generally involves holing up in self-contained karaoke booths conducting strange experiments with Coke and red wine whilst deciding how much scotch to put in their green tea.

We needed to introduce them to the great western tradition of borderline inebriation followed by the sweet embrace of a 3am McDonald's binge with a group of your closest sweaty friends.

The problem lay not so much in raising product awareness but in getting these guys out of the neon karaoke dungeons and reminding them what their city has to offer.

Welcome to Your Night - a
(or 'Role-Playing Game' for those cool enough not to know)

The objective: "Level-up" and receive real-world rewards.

How it worked:  Users gain experience points (XP) checking in at real-world locations as well as competing in challenges both on and offline. As a player levels-up, their XP can be traded for real-world rewards such as McDonald's meals or an array of night-themed novelties which could be redeemed online or in-store.

 XP could be gained by:

Hong Kong is home to over 200 McDonald's restaurants within 1000km².

As this was built for a purely Cantonese-speaking audience, allow me to do some explaining along the way:
Landing Page
Main Menu - 1. Challenges in Your Location 2. McDonald's Stores Near You 3. Upload a Challenge Pic to Facebook.
Main map view with challenge descriptions - Example: When the Hong Kong 7's Rugby Tournament is on, check it at HK stadium, then McDonald's Kick-a-Thon booth at the after party, then at a McDonald's Restaurant to receive the 'HK VII's' bonus. Completing this challenge adds bonus XP to your character profile.
Sort and search for challenges near you based on theme and location.
With over 200 McDonald's Restaurants in a 1000km² space, a check-in was never far away... 
The sheer commercial density of Hong Kong was a key factor in bringing this idea to life.