This is a little story of how I didn't get into advertising. I tried though. People told me I had to be original, creative. After seeing the efforts of this guy, I was inspired to do some sort of quiz. With three rounds, where the creative directors I was targeting, could get to know me. And win an interview with me. In my mind, it had to be styled like the big game shows from the sixties (the Instagram effect, you know). Armed with some Bob Hope reference material, and my Design Inspiration Pinboard I started designing. And writing. What I came up with, you can see in the video and the images below.
By the way, the song in the video above is my remix of Call Me Maybe. You can check it here.
Below, you can find the quiz card that was in the first envelope (unfortunately, it's all in Dutch).
 Next, you can see the background of the first card.
 Now for the second card...
 And the final card.
 This was the full package I sent to the creative directors:

As you can see on the last card, I also implemented a QR-code. I simply put it there to let the creative directors see if they'd want to see my face on an interview or not. Below you can see the video that shows up once you scan the QR-code.
The result?

Almost no-one reacted! I learned that creative directors are extremely busy people, so don't target them via regular mail, they get them by the dozens. I noticed that they are much easier to reach via e-mail or Twitter. So what's next for me? I might not have a job in advertising yet, but that doesn't mean I will stop trying!