Laser Cut Business Cards

As part of my independent art projects, I was inspired to create some unique personal business cards.  It was a fun process and I have adjusted it slightly over time (starting with the newest first on the attached images). I had great feedback from everyone who saw them, either in art exhibition and also been contacted by various publisher that wanted to include my design in their publications. 

After a long time trying to find a laser that does everything I want and can cope with the finest details, I am now ready to start working on some new projects. Also, I am always open to ideas so if you would like me to create an unique business card design, get in touch and send me your ideas.
The cost of a business card on wood (very thin or medium thickness 10mm-30mm) works out £4 per card including everything. For more than 100 cards the design would be included in the final cost. For less than 100 cards, there would be an extra charge for the design, depending on complexity.  I deliver from UK, worldwide.