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    warmhearters website design
Warmhearters Website
school project, ui,ux, information architect, interface design
Client: Warm Hearters Non-Profit Organization
Works From School: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)
Project Type: Client Project
Credits: Bruce Wan, Hang Yi So, KaKa Leung, Noel Ng, Anky Hon, Claibi Lai, Louise Yau

Visions The Visions of the group is to, through the interaction of love among human beings, help the impoverished primary schools in the mountainous Yunnan area to obtain the fundamental facilities for their study; and to enlighten them to achieve an even better learning environment through their own self-reliance. With limited resources at present we are planning to launch our campaign in Lin Cang area of Yunnan as a start. We trust to build up & maintain a health society, we should provide at least basic education opportunities to all children.

Missions The group tends to become a link between the individuals and the relatively unattended mountainous primary schools in Yunnan so that the former can tender their love and care to those needy students. Through the donation of funds to provide basic canteens and training up students to best utilize natural resources in their surroundings, we are aiming at fostering the students’ awareness of how to help themselves with the knowledge gained. In addition, the group will by all means trying to increase the tutoring quality of the teachers in order to enhance the teaching standard of these impoverished schools.

Work of content: Warmhearters didnt have much sources to make different kind of design such as video promotion, visual identity, website design for their fundraising in the future, we are the student who have such an honor take this experience as an advantage, build a wordpress 3.0 based website for them, we have worked on this project for 9 weeks, day and night, from understanding brand audit, background, get to know and understand what is the best for client, specially this is a non-profit website, in this kind of design field, too many style on it, and we really want to take all the best from those kind of website, however, result didn't come with perfect, we found that even though we got the best shown on the website, but it isn't the best to them, because we always forgot, that isn't fit for them, after changing and meeting, seeking for more appropriate design and skills, for them is easy to use, little effort, bring a huge impact, i think we did it, at least, this will be the first steps for them to have a frame to go on their raising , for us, we fight and gain a lot of unexpected experience and knowledge on it, more than anything, we feel warm, we feel that if you really do it from hearts, people can feel it.